IMG_5562Mothers influence the world greatly even within their small sphere of influence. There are many well-known moms in the public eye that are seen as more than just mothers. Lesser known moms still change the world in no small way. Frequently, being creative outside the routine makes the biggest difference. The actions of beautifying, creating, and improving inspire the young minds that they can change the world for the better. Most of life’s important lessons are caught not taught.

farm in fall
watercolor by Cynthia Ruth Apgar
watercolor by Cynthia Ruth Apgar

We had the privilege of growing up with super creative moms. A prevalent belief in our homes was that if something could be done it could be done well and should be done well. This is why we fill our homes with art, music, colors, flowers and design. We learn and inspire our own children to learn. Our fun is in improving the small things. In time our mother’s influence goes beyond ourselves and children and into our community.

We’re thankful for our awesome moms. Happy Mother’s Day!

Quilt by Gail Beard


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