Getting out of the Creative Rut

Sometimes our creative endeavors need a boost or something out of the ordinary to bring a freshness to them. When we get inspired, we inspire others. We create. We grow. We thrive. Routines can dull our creativity.

There’s a myriad of ways to break out of a routine, such as listening to a new genre of music, going for a walk, or simply driving somewhere out of your normal route. One of my favorite ways to liven up my creative mind is to look at an object from a view point I have never looked at before. A camera becomes quite useful to see angles that may be too difficult to see otherwise.

South Cumberland 018fall_08 055

Digital photography has made experimenting with photography cheaper and easier. You can take a thousand photos for that one perfect shot and never spend a cent more than you did for your camera and laptop. Experimenting with macro photography helps us to see the world a little different. It teaches us to develop our composition, texture and lighting using unfamiliar subject matter. The easy experimenting process can help your excitement and creativity grow, fueling the spark.

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Prosperity in one’s creative field does not continue at a single level of success. We often have to reinvent ourselves to continue growing and learning in our field. New ideas lead to new sources of income. If you cannot grow and invent, someone else will move into your spot. Complacency is the act of being satisfied with your current success and not reaching for higher achievement. Get out of the rut. Look for something that leaves you awestruck so you can grow and inspire others.


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