Nurturing Creativity Outside of your Routine

Interruptions to your routine bring great opportunities for creative activities. The unexpected and even disappointing changes in life make some of our most rewarding opportunities. When Steve Jobs was fired from Apple, he began the most creative time of his life. Steve purchased the computer graphics division of Lucasfilm in 1986. This company, known as Pixar, became a feature film animation studio. You can read about the history and philosophy in Ed Catmull’s book, Creativity, Inc.

My favorite interruption to routine comes in the form of snow days. Growing up, a snow day meant a day of reading something I wanted to read, drawing, painting, walks in the snow and all sorts of fun. Today, not much has changed, except the number of creativity activities I can partake in.



Snow days often mean a loss of opportunity or wages. Our goals frequently have to be put aside at least temporarily. However, the extra time to learn something new or improve a skill increases our opportunity later.

IMG_3556 2IMG_3979


Often, when our nose is to the grindstone and our thoughts are on making a living we miss out on the sublime. It takes an interruption to open our eyes to the beauty around us and our own ability to create something amazing.




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